Flagship Product

Rokkhi is our own innovation. Rokkhi Home is a digital platform designed to serve as a one-stop operating system for apartment buildings and gated communities. It facilitates seamless communication between building/community management, security personnel, and apartment dwellers, utilizing cloud-based technologies to fortify residential security and streamline administrative management functions.


The Idea Behind the Innovation of Rokkhi

In Bangladesh, apartment buildings and gated communities have become an integral part of modern life. However, the traditional 'man guarding' and 'paper-pen system' used for security in these communities is inefficient, inconvenient, and error-prone, creating challenges for both security guards and residents. To address this issue, Rokkhi offers a digital security management solution that ensures maximum security and comfort for residents, guards, management committees, and visitors. Rokkhi's accurate system provides real-time data to benefit users and simplifies security issues instantly, all with the use of a smartphone.

But Rokkhi's capabilities extend beyond security. The platform can be used for communication with the management committee, allowing tenants to notify them of complaints or discuss common concerns. The app even enables the resolution of issues directly through the platform, keeping everyone informed. Additionally, the app makes it easier for management committees to provide advanced notice of potential power outages or maintenance work to tenants.




  • Visitor Management

  • As visitor arrive to a property, residents are notified, wherever they are.
  • Staff Management

  • Household staff arrivals are time-stamped for entry and exit to the property.
  • Child Safety

  • Rokkhi ensures that children don’t step out unaccompanied
  • Vehicle Management

  • The tenants are notified every time their vehicles leave or enter the building.
  • Bill Management

  • Admins and users can track, manage and pay service and utility bills.

Mukher Kotha

Our Innovation

The Idea

Mukher Kotha is a platform which’s goal is to revolutionize and transforming the way native speakers of Bengali language interact with their devices. It’s mission is to create platforms and apps that offer delightful Bengali-first experiences for users. Mukher Kotha began it’s journey with the development of a powerful Natural Language Processing (NLP) platform, designed to collect, process, and generate labeled audio and transcriptions for training machine learning models.

Since inception, Mukher Kotha has been used for collecting and processing vast volumes of labeled audio data, catering to both general and niche-specific use cases. As a result, our platform now empowers applications with Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) and advanced voice search capabilities, revolutionizing the Bengali language technology landscape.


How we process the voice data

  • Collection of Voice Data

  • We have gathered an extensive collection of local dialects primarily from rural regions in Bangladesh. The recordings were made by taking proper consent from the speakers.
  • Segmentation & Transcription

  • We segmented each sentence uttered by speakers accurately marked. Then the data undergoes transcription and subsequent translation into standard Bengali.
  • ML Model Training

  • The machine learning model is trained using all the processed voice and text data, enabling it to develop the capability of serving our user applications.